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Social analytics toolkit

Top Organizations Last Week
Term Total mentions
google 82755
youtube 60752
facebook 36198
twitter 21175
svb 20481
bbc headquarters 20211
eu 20140
disney 18642
amazon 18343
walmart 18087
Top People Last Week
Term Total mentions
trump 56188
joel 27907
biden 26856
putin 26607
ellie 24528
joe 18229
paulina 17364
natasha 17185
naughty latina luna 16545
vickie 15428
Top Locations Last Week
Term Total mentions
us 238558
russia 80481
america 75251
uk 74869
asia-pacific 60894
china 60551
ukraine 60305
canada 57632
europe 57200
usa 46060
Top subreddits by subscribers
Subreddit name Subscribers
announcements 80829453
funny 34920667
askreddit 30931435
gaming 29057825
aww 27733125
music 26750276
pics 26476822
science 25813327
worldnews 25603844
videos 24637304
Top subreddits by posts*
Subreddit name Total posts
memes 6197476
dankmemes 3549528
aww 3345266
the_donald 2972434
pewdiepiesubmissions 2290431
funny 2209825
pics 1783855
teenagers 1526418
politics 1406396
cats 1360969
Most active last week*
Subreddit name Posts last week
amihot 3528
196 3166
memes 3055
shitposting 3039
cats 2887
aww 2291
superstonk 2173
meirl 1544
soccer 1405
selfie 1391
*To prevent spam, posts are filtered by a score threshold

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Whether you're a large corporation or a new startup, SocialGrep lets you wield the power of social media.

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A pipeline powered by machine learning analyzes public sentiment, important discussion topics, and more.

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Create a custom Reddit dataset for your NLP project - the entire Reddit corpus is indexed and searchable.

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Harness the power of exploratory analysis - our visual Reddit search allows you to spot new trends at a glance.

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