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Top Subreddits Last Week
Subreddit name Posts last week
looba69 107155
siisisisi 74302
askreddit 73941
aaa11 61554
gaysnapchat NSFW 47335
dirtyr4r NSFW 45813
dirtykikpals NSFW 42417
jerkbudss NSFW 41636
pokemongoraids 24237
dirtysnapchat NSFW 23647
Top People Last Week
Term Total mentions
trump 79674
jesus 61515
biden 49405
lmao 43722
roe 33319
bro 33019
putin 25320
bruh 24276
obama 18293
luke 16112

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Reddit cryptocurrency data for August of 2021 image
Reddit cryptocurrency data for August of 2021
  • 250,569
  • 3,756,097
  • Published on Sep 27, 2021
  • Licensed under CC BY 4.0

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