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for your marketing or brand protection campaign. Get real-time notifications sent to your Email, Slack, Discord, Mattermost and more. [Webhook compatible]

Automate your social media notifications and build a reliable marketing pipeline - connect SocialGrep Alerts with 50,000+ different apps using Zapier integrations. Get Reddit keyword notifications on your phone in real time, or post new content straight to your Twitter.

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Our infrastructure tracks Reddit keywords for you. Set Reddit notifications and save yourself the trouble of monitoring topics online.

Filter by: date, keywords, subreddits, negative keywords, score, domains, and more. Use filters to only get the data you want.

Integrated - preview your Reddit alerts via our web search

Reusable - Tweak and adjust for no extra cost

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Detection frequency: daily
Send alert to: email

To use Slack, configure a webhook from your User Settings page.
Also compatible with Discord and Mattermost.

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