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Search reddit posts and comments. Advanced filters via date, score, subreddit, keywords, website urls and more. All searches can be exported via csv or json.

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- include 'term' in your search.

- remove 'term' from your search.

- search in the community '/r/subreddit'.

- search in the profile of user 'username'.

- search anywhere but '/r/subreddit'.

- search anywhere but the profile of user 'username'.
- search only links to ''
- search everything except for links to ''

- search only content with at least 3 upvotes.

- search only content made on 2015-03-15 or before.

- search only content made after 2015-03-15.

Advanced Reddit search

Search for Reddit mentions of any topic using our advanced Reddit search. Filter by keywords, subreddits, domains, date and score - exclude matches that do not fit your query.

Analyze data at your own pace - use SocialGrep Exports to download your Reddit search results into Excel or JSON.

Stay in touch with trends - send social mention alerts for the results of your search to email or Slack using SocialGrep Alerts.

Have your own use case? Utilize the SocialGrep API to build your own personalized integration.

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